Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Temujin's Winter mooring 20113/2014

The Club House
MYCEH - Motor Yacht Club Eisenhuttenstadt - is the name of the boat club that has allowed Temujin to stay in their basin over the winter on our crazy trips to these far reaches of the East of Europe. 

The Halle where some of the boats will be stored for Winter -
when we came here first this building was used to store snowploughs
Our first visit here was in 1999/2000 when we came to see the splendid German Mecklenburg lakes for the first time with two other narrowboats (one stayed with us at MYCEH the other was hauled out for the winter in Berlin) and Dutch friends with their cruiser who came with us as far as Berlin then went home. 

Mike getting ready to fetch the car.
During that Winter we planned our first trip into Poland, a proposed circular trip up the Warta then down the Vistula to Warsaw which ended in disaster. The others were so traumatised that they went back to France. Temujin stayed at MYCEH over winter 2000/2001. We returned to France, determined to come back and explore more Polish waters. 

Last trip for the moped this year - back to Neuhaus to collect the car
Our search for someone else who shared our crazy idea resulted in meeting Bill and him swapping his beloved Kelvin engine for something with more oomph.   On our second visit, with Bill and Rosy, in 2004/2005,  we explored the unique Elblag lifts which took us to the Mazurian lakes and the towns of Ostroda and Ilawa, then Gdansk, a trip not without its tribulations. 
Thanks Bill, Rosy makes an excellent tug! 

See you soon!
Now our third visit, which would have been the circuit via Bydgoszcz and Poznan, has resulted in failure, with  the Snails - our intrepid companions for the next Polish expedition - having retreated  to the Netherlands.

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  1. Wasn't our choice to 'retreat' but that of the Wasserpolizei who decided Snail was too long for their liking, fined us and made it clear we should get out. Any pleasure boats over 15m are not allowed on the Oder as well as many other German rivers which means neither Temujin or Snail can now get to Poland from Germany. This rather scuppered all our plans didn't it?