Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Eisenhuttenstadt - EKO Stahl

In case you've forgotten what industry looks like, and let's face it most of Europe's industry has long since migrated to other shores - well here are a few of the photos we took coming into Eisenhuttenstadt of the impressive EKO steel works - which is still working! 

Admitted, there were no boats moving any steel or raw materials that we could see, but then they do have quite a good railway system - and they're improving the canal locks - so maybe in the future..... 

This large and very impressive looking crane appears to be currently out of use.

A working blast furnace. At the left you can see the rail track and a railway wagon taking materials to be tipped into the top of the furnace.

Steam and clouds on a very cold damp day.

There is now a new canal hafen in town, built since we were last here eight years ago, and there was a boat loading or unloading there when we passed by last Monday, and there is plenty of room for more.

Click below for more info

Arcelor Mittal's website

And a pie chart from Arcelor Mittal's downloadable brochure, showing what their steel is used for. Interesting stuff.

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