Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tuesday 23rd July 2013 Jnc Salgitter arm to Edesbüttel KP233.5 MLK. 21.1kms 0 locks

Hafen Braunschweig.
Very hot and sunny again. We set off at 10.15 am leaving the Snails to follow on in their own time. At KP215 a loaded tanker Linda B went past in the opposite direction. It was German registered, but had a Polish car on the stern cabin.

Meinholz railway bridge - trains run across the top
Not long after that we went past a wharf that had containers, scrap and great-heaped piles of coal. Past a big shopping centre with a huge IKEA sign at KP221. An old tanker boat went past called Yggrrasil, registered at Desau with a German flag, followed by three cruisers – two Dutchmen and a German. It was getting hotter and hotter. 

Junction with the Elbe-Seiten canal
built so boats could travel to and from Hamburg
without going through East Germany
A loaded Dutch boat called Meandro (84m x 9m 1,600 tonnes) registered at Maasbracht went past at KP 231. We moored at KP233.5 on the junction with the Elbe-Seiten canal on the short bit reserved for us behind an empty Dutch commercial called Janny from Zutphen. 

Moored in the corner at Edesbuttel
It was 1.20 pm. A young deck hand came to say hello, he was from the Janny and told us he was home alone, left to look after the boats whilst the skipper and his wife had gone on a five-week holiday to Thailand. 

Had lunch then gave Mike a hand to unload the bike off the roof and he went to get the car. When he returned we went shopping at Real at Gifhorn, just north of the mooring.
Passing tankership Michael - well, he had to have a photo of that one, didn't he! 

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